About us

Where traditional coffee brewing methods are infused with technology, allowing for new coffee flavor profiles to be discovered and enjoyed.
We are constantly innovating and supplying our customers with next generation tools to improve their accuracy, consistency and efficiency in order to give their customers the best coffee brewing experience possible.

New connections in every cup

Integrating the latest connectivity technologies into our products enabling new connections to be made.


Discovering the full potential of coffee

Founded in 2017, Hiroia is an affiliate of Hario, the leader in heat-resistant glass products for the past century, best known for its iconic V60 Dripper.

Byte to Brew

Our team is made up of industry professionals, innovative engineers and creative designers delivering our customers exceptional hardware and software.


Our Values


Not only connecting our products to a virtual world, we also pursue deeper and more meaningful connections with our customers. Some of the deepest and most inspiring connections were made over a good cup of coffee.


Always delivering on our promises. Making sure we consistently innovate, provide the best customer service and help create the best cup of coffee every time.


Learning is driven by curiosity, fueled by experimentation and can lead to new discoveries. This helps us develop new ways to benefit our customers and their learning experience with us.


SAMANTHA is an essential tool we designed for coffee professionals that seek to increase their performance while optimizing their consistency.
JIMMY is also a crucial component of our tool kit, which adds versatility to the user's workflow while maximizing their efficiency

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