The world’s only electronic scale that is compatible with pour over and Italian. Two uses in one device

* Dual Bluetooth technology
* Detachable design, small volume good for storage, display bar is magnetic at the back, 360 viewing degree with no blind spots.
* Sensitive scale reaction, precision to 0.1g.
* 6 major scale modes: scale mode, free mode, pour over mode, and 3 Italian modes.
* 4 exclusive app modes.
* Pour over extraction data record mode- digitalization of the brewing process, adjust flavors with data.
* Pour over water supply stability training mode- use gaming to train water supply stability, assist with flavor stability.
* Italian extraction graph- use data to monitor coffee quality.
Model number: F-V-JIMMY-00-01
Scale dimensions: W120mm X D120mm X H19mm
Display screen dimensions: W120mm X D25mm X H25mm
Total dimensions: W120mm X D145mm X H25mm
Weight: 440g
Scale volume: 2000g
Precision: 0.1g
Display screen configurations: LED lights + 7 level display, 3 digits (time) + 5 digits (weight)
Button: sensory button
Power: micro USB charge
Lithium polymer battery: 3.7V, 520mAh x 2
Recommended charger: charge voltage: 5V, charge current: 1A (500mA-2A)
Continuous usage time: 10 hours
Power-off power duration: 1000 hours
Materials: aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, PC, ABS, rubber
Bluetooth module: BT 4.1
Attachments: Micro-USB charging cable x 1, HIROIA label x 1, instructions card x 1
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