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Ninety Plus and Hiroia Announce Exciting Collaboration, Bringing Coffee Connoisseurs the Ultimate Home Brewing Experience

Panama, Oct. 26, 2023 – Ninety Plus, the renowned premium specialty coffee brand, is proud to announce further collaborations with Hiroia, the tech subsidiary of Hario. This new and exciting collaboration aims to redefine the coffee brewing experience for connoisseurs worldwide by introducing the Hikaru, an advanced automatic V60 pour over brewer designed for home use.


Ninety Plus and Hiroia Announce Exciting Collaboration with the Hikaru V60

Joseph Brodsky, Founder of Ninety Plus, was deeply impressed by Hiroia's latest product offering, the Hikaru. This state-of-the-art automatic brewer not only captivated him with its elegant design but also more importantly, with its remarkable ability to consistently brew exceptional coffee using Ninety Plus beans with ease.

Mr. Brodsky's extensive testing of various automatic coffee brewing systems on the market revealed two common shortcomings: 1) the lack of precise temperature and ratio controls, and 2) under-extraction due to restricted water flows. Many existing systems fell short of his high expectations, failing to deliver the level of performance required for consistently brewing Ninety Plus coffee to perfection.

However, Hikaru stands out from the crowd. It employs an algorithm-driven jet stream through its showerhead design, enabling even saturation and sufficient agitation of the coffee grounds. This novel technique, adopted from its commercial-grade system - Samantha, ensures a precise and consistent brewing process, resulting in the full extraction of the rich spectrum of flavors inherent to Ninety Plus and their many competition-winning coffees.

Hikaru's unmatched features make it the ideal companion for Ninety Plus coffee enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free brewing experience at home. The collaboration will soon see Ninety Plus introducing a range of coffee beans and packs specifically curated for use with the Hikaru system. This exciting development means that coffee aficionados around the globe can now enjoy the unparalleled quality and flavor profile of Ninety Plus coffee with the push of a button in the comfort of their own homes.

Joseph Brodsky expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, "At Ninety Plus, we have always strived for excellence in every cup of coffee we offer, whether supporting the highest level of competition coffees or the discerning home coffee drinker. The Hikaru system by Hiroia aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that our coffee enthusiasts can experience the full depth of our flavors effortlessly. We are thrilled to be partnering with Hiroia on this exciting journey as we try to make our coffees more accessible."

Hiroia's President, Aaron Fujiki, also shared his enthusiasm, stating, "The collaboration with Ninety Plus represents a thrilling start to merge cutting-edge technology with one of coffee’s leading tastemakers and brands. Ninety Plus has been the forerunner in pushing the envelope of the quality of specialty coffee with an unparalleled track record of supporting world champion baristas and brewers. We are excited to help Ninety Plus in this endeavor to reach more customers in their homes and to have them as one of our first partners to redefine the home brewing experience."

As the collaboration between Ninety Plus and Hiroia takes shape, coffee enthusiasts can anticipate a new era in home coffee brewing. The Hikaru system promises to provide the ingenuity, consistency, and quality that Ninety Plus customers have come to expect.

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About Ninety Plus:
Founded by Joseph Brodsky, Ninety Plus has become a globally recognized name in the coffee industry, celebrated for its world coffee championship performances, cloud forest, low density coffee estates, and innovation in coffee tastemaking.

About Hiroia:
Hiroia is the tech subsidiary of Hario, a leading name in the world of coffee and tea equipment. Hiroia is committed to innovation and technology, creating products that enhance the coffee brewing experience and meet the evolving needs of coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

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