Flow rate management

15 different water flow rates

Temperature control

Control the water temperature within a single degree interval, from 80ºc to 96ºc (176ºF - 204ºF)

Built-in Scale

Allowing maximum precision

Pre-loaded recipes

Single-touch brewing of up to 4 different recipes

Cloud Technology

Allowing the user an endless range of possibilities. Download, share and create coffee brewing recipes

Samantha App

Control your Samantha coffee brewer with the designated brewer app


Brewing a tasty pour over coffee manually is a gratifying experience, however, it demands a lot of attention. Samantha frees up your attention without compromising on the taste or quality of your coffee.


As a manager of a coffee shop, restaurant or any other service provider, you are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency, productivity and consistency of your staff. Samantha can fill in as your aid to make sure you reach your goals.

Café owner

Samantha can guarantee that high quality coffee is being served to your customers, every time. Guaranteeing both the satisfaction and loyalty of your clientele.

Event planner

Having to set up a new event in a new location can be complicated and time consuming. With Samantha, setting up an exhibition, VIP demo or mobile coffee bar becomes easy with a plug-and-brew ability to make quality coffee on the go.
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