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Top 5 ways a smart coffee scale improves productivity

Whether you’re a café owner, manager or employee, you're always on the lookout for ways to improve your daily workflow. Today we’re going to introduce why a smart coffee scale is the ideal tool to add to your arsenal. In this article we will demonstrate how this small, yet powerful tool can optimize your productivity.

1. Improved accuracy

For some this may seem trivial, thinking a great barista can make a great coffee with mediocre tools. But many professional baristas will testify that this is not the case. In order to make quality coffee, you need quality tools. When a variation of 0.5 grams or 1 second can change the whole profile of your coffee, you need to have accurate and smooth tracking of your brew. This can be done with a smart coffee scale, either through the physical display or through the app. A well built coffee scale will give a quality readout, making it easy to make great coffee.

2. Enhance employee welfare

Providing top-notch service to customers is essential, but not at all costs. Employee welfare should play a vital role in decision making. Improving employee’s working environment conditions can tremendously improve productivity, which is what a smart coffee scale can do. A smart coffee scale can improve body posture by being able to set and view the display from any angle. Whether it's a detachable display, smartphone or tablet, having the readout at eye level can make life easier for employees. This will in turn maintain employee satisfaction as well as their productivity.

A detachable display for ultimate comfort

3. Reduce wasted resources

Part of increasing productivity is reducing waste. In the coffee industry, waste can be considered as water waste, used coffee grounds, single use cups, a bad batch of brewed coffee and much more. Utilizing a smart coffee scale can help reduce wasted resources by brewing less batches of bad coffee. With more good coffee being brewed and served, less is being dumped and wasted.

4. Train staff easier

If you have the right tools, you also need to make sure you have the right staff. Luckily, this is in your control, as a smart coffee scale can help turn anyone into a coffee professional. Various smart coffee scales offer built-in training modes, capable of turning a below average barista into a great one. A smart coffee scale can also help maintain or enhance the abilities of more advanced level baristas. An overall increase in staff capabilities will directly translate into increased productivity.

Jimmy smart coffee scales ready for a training session

5. Supply opportunities to shine

Having mentioned all the above, it’s important to remember that a smart coffee scale is just a tool. A tool that can help elevate your abilities to outperform your rivals, colleagues or sometimes both. Smart coffee scales can offer a competing platform amongst coffee professionals, to demonstrate their brewing abilities. Demonstrate your capabilities to your superiors who may have a major impact on your working environment. Competition can sometimes be a healthy incentive that can result in increased productivity.

Convinced you need a smart coffee scale?

Consider checking out our Jimmy, the world’s first smart coffee scale with a detachable display. Built for both pour over and espresso, Jimmy is a great fit for any situation. Allow Jimmy to transform your workstation, and optimize your productivity.

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