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Top 5 things to consider when buying a pour over coffee maker

When searching for a coffee maker, it’s important to define how this brewer is meant to benefit your workflow. The list of reasons is endless, including making more coffee, making better coffee, reducing waste, having more control and many more. Bottom line, you want a coffee maker that is right for you by checking as many boxes as possible. Here are a few suggestions on how to select the right pour over coffee maker for you.


Is the brewer in a café or at home? A restaurant or coffee exhibition?

First step of finding the right brewer is defining how this brewer will be used. A brewer in a coffee shop for example, will most likely brew much more coffee than a home brewer. Therefore, a brewer with a larger brewing capacity or a more powerful water boiler can be the right fit for a coffee shop environment. This will allow for a quicker and more efficient workflow.


Ask yourself, will a coffee professional be using this coffee maker, or a part-time employee who doesn’t know the difference between an espresso and a cold brew? Make sure you have the right brewer for both these types of employees, in order to maintain the quality of coffee being made. The technology available today has been integrated within many types of high end brewers, utilizing automation and offering users options for maintaining consistency in every batch brewed. Whether your coffee professional experiments by creating their own recipes or the clueless employee who just needs to push a button to make great coffee, high end brewers offer a solution for both.

Cost and Value

When purchasing a new brewer, it’s important to remember your priorities. Whether you’re in search of the best tasting coffee, the best bang for your buck or a brewer with the highest cup output. When defining your prerequisites, you're in fact narrowing your options down, thus making it easier to select the right brewer. In most cases, cost plays the largest role in the decision making process. Customers see a higher price tag than competing brands, and ask themselves why they should pay more for a brewer. This is where value plays its role. As mentioned above, value can be placed in different characteristics when it comes to coffee.

Extra Features

Lastly, when purchasing a coffee maker from a certain brand, sometimes you’re paying for more than just the immediate brewer functions. In some cases, when a coffee maker comes with built-in hardware capabilities, that software has not been developed for yet, the brand can improve your brewer over time. Meaning you can get more from your brewer without having to do much, a simple update and you can unlock an array of features. These features can vary, and might come from the brand’s customers who give feedback and recommendations for what they would like to see from their coffee makers. It’s important to check the brand’s history, to review their product developments and updates over time, which can directly affect the development of your potential coffee maker.

Did this help you make a choice for your pour over coffee maker? Looking for a brewer that can check all of your boxes? Check out our Samantha auto pour over coffee maker.

Consisting of a small footprint, it’s great for both coffee shop and home use and smart enough to deliver the necessary output for both. Through partial automation, Samantha is able to brew a higher volume of coffee, without compromising on the quality. Streamline your workflow with Samantha auto pour over brewer.


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