FAQ - Hikaru - General Question

Voltage and Power Supply

1. What are the SKU options (voltage and power cord plug) of the Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer?
Hikaru is available in various SKU options, each designed to support standard voltage and power cord plug in the following territories:
• Japan version: 100V, type B;
• Taiwan version: 110V, type B;
• US version: 120V, type B;
• EU version: 220V~240V, type G.


1. Does Hikaru have a bean grinding function?
    No, please use a grinder to grind coffee beans to the desired coarseness for pour over coffee before using Hikaru to brew coffee.

2. Does Hikaru have a keep warm function?
    Hikaru does not have a keep warm function.

3. Can Hikaru be operated without the app?
    Yes. Hikaru has built-in preset S/M/L brewing recipes, so you can brew coffee without activating the app.

4. Can remote brewing be done?
    For Safety reason, remote brewing via the app is default as disabled. Once the water in Hikaru's tank is heated to the set recipe temperature, it will automatically start brewing. If you want to use the function, ensure it's safe surrounding, no children or pets can accidentally touch Hikaru, then you can activate the remote brewing feature in the app.

Customization and Settings

1. What is the default cup powder and coffee amount for the preset recipes?
    • Recipe S: Coffee powder 18g, brewing water volume 290ml, coffee brewing volume approximately 250ml
    • Recipe M: Coffee powder 27g, brewing water volume 440ml, coffee brewing volume approximately 370ml
    • Recipe L: Coffee powder 36g, brewing water volume 580ml, coffee brewing volume approximately 490ml
(Note: The coffee brewing volume varies depending on the characteristics of the coffee beans, the grind size, etc. The above are estimates for reference.)

2. What is recipe P?
    P is a personal custom recipe, and the default is blank. You can use the app to set your favorite recipe to slot P in the machine.


1. Why are there four pieces of tape on the water tank and body when unboxing the new Hikaru?
    The tape is affixed to secure the precision electronic scale located beneath the water tank during transportation. Please carefully remove the tape before using. If you decide to refund the product within the evaluation period, make sure the tape is intact and the packaging is complete.

2. Why does the color of water tank cover look slightly different from the body?
    The surface treatment methods of the water tank cover and the body are different. The slight color difference under light is normal.

3. What should I do if an accessory is missed when unboxing the new Hikaru?
    Hikaru's package includes: coffee machine, V60 dripper, glass server, 40 pcs of V60 paper filter, and instructions. If any accessories or instructions are missing when you open the package, please fill out a support request on the official website, and we will reply immediately.

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