FAQ – Hikaru - Operation and Functionality

1. Can I use my own filter cup and carafe?
Yes, please note that the current quick centering system supports the 'V60 filter dripper + carafe ' that comes with the machine. If you use your own filter cup, make sure it aligns properly with the brewing head to ensure the best brewing quality.

2. Can the built-in scale measure the weight of coffee separately?
The built-in scale is primarily located beneath the water tank to precisely control the water volume output. The weight of coffee grounds and the brew ratio are up to your discretion!

3. How do I turn on Hikaru?
After plugging in the power, there is a small round button in front of the base. Press it lightly to turn on the machine.

4. How much water should I add for brewing coffee?
Hikaru has water level detection. After selecting a recipe, add water until the water level indicator goes off, indicating that there is enough water to brew your chosen recipe.

5. Will the water in the water tank boil?
Hikaru heats the water to the temperature specified in the recipe before starting the brewing process. It is recommended to use filtered or drinking water in the water tank.

6. Can I use hot water?
You can pour 100°C hot water into the water tank. If the temperature of the hot water you pour exceeds the temperature set in the recipe, brewing will not start. You must press start again when the water cools down.

7. How often does Hikaru automatically shut down?
When the app is not connected, Hikaru will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.

8. What does it mean when the yellow light of the water drop symbol is on after turning on the machine?
The water drop symbol indicates the water level. The steady on of water level indicator means Hikaru is in a low water state. When no recipe is selected, Hikaru has a minimum water requirement to avoid dry burning; when you select a recipe, the water level indicator will turn off until enough water for the recipe is detected.

9. After adding water, why is the water level indicator flashing?
Flashing indicates an overflow state, meaning the water level in the tank is too high. If you exceed the MAX limit of the water tank, it may trigger overflow detection. Execute the drainage function to resolve this.

10. How do I drain the water tank?
The water tank drainage 

Step 1. Place a water container under the brewing water outlet.
Step 2. Press the recipe key to switch recipe selection until all recipe lights are off, then press and hold the start button until you hear a "beep" sound, then release to start draining;
Step 3. After draining, lightly press the start button once to stop draining. Otherwise, it will stop draining automatically when the water tank is emptied.
Step 4. If you want to drain more, you can repeat steps 2 and 3.

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